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Socken Zocken Active Kids

Socken Zocken Active Kids

SKU: 303612
How cool is this! You're allowed to make a complete mess with your socks! Slip into the role of little sock monsters, run between the various laundry baskets and quickly distribute your socks. You'll be exhausted and out of breath! But watch out: there are some important sock rules, and dirty socks create additional chaos. The first player to get rid of all their socks wins.  How to play:  Hold your set of socks in your hands and stand with your toes touching the box. Give the start command "Socken zocken!" together. After the start command everyone runs to the laundry basket of their choice with their socks. When you reach a laundry basket, look inside. What color is the sock in the laundry basket? The color of the sock shows which laundry basket you need to run to next. Before a player can continue they need to place one of their socks in the laundry basket. The game ends when one player has placed their last sock in a laundry basket and is then the first to place their hand on the sock monster on the box. Sock strong!
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