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Ultimate Squad Booster Box Dragon Ball Super UW8

Ultimate Squad Booster Box Dragon Ball Super UW8

SKU: 36523641234523

Featuring warrior groups from various eras, including the Cooler's Armored Squadron. Including many cards that recreate famous scenes in both design and gimmick!

The Ultimate Deck focusing on the Androids coming out in April, can also be enhanced with this set, Promoting the continued purchase of users with the Ultimate Deck. Also, UW07's skills will be continuously enhanced!

Various themes and skills that appeared in UW series, as well as the most recent are reinforced in this set! Giving a huge boost to the UW series together with the past sets!

The random SR/SPR Box Topper continues in this set Continuing to drop popular promotion projects, making every Dragon Ball fan hyped to promote purchases!

• Common × 60 normal/holo ver.)

• Uncommon × 38 normal/holo ver.)

• Rare × 30 (normal/holo ver.)

• Super Rare × 18

• Special Rare × 15

• Secret Rare × 3

• *292 types total

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AU$148.00 Regular Price
AU$44.40Sale Price
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